Elana Gnida - Edmonton

"Being able to attend the Forum for Young Albertans was an experience that allowed me to deepen my understanding of political complexities through interaction with actual political figures - listening to their various perspectives, discussing the validity of their views with my fellow forum participants, and simply seeing first hand (rather than through a textbook) the political system of our province. The model legislature, which was certainly the most exciting part of the week, allowed me to debate with fellow participants and hear their different perspectives (they ranged from very conservative to almost communist!). I would certainly recommend this program for anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the provincial political system - having fun along the way!"

Trevor Davis - Calgary

“The Forum for Young Albertans is a rare opportunity for both rural and urban youth to partake in an intense week of onsite learning at almost all of Alberta’s most important legal and political landmarks. It is a well planned and executed program during which you will be able to meet with multiple key figures of Albertan society. It is an unparalleled opportunity for all those interested in democratic society.”